Gemstone Bracelet (7-8mm)
Gemstone Bracelet (7-8mm)
Gemstone Bracelet (7-8mm)
Gemstone Bracelet (7-8mm)
Gemstone Bracelet (7-8mm)
Gemstone Bracelet (7-8mm)

Gemstone Bracelet (7-8mm)

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Only those pictured are still available! All others will be restocked ASAP.

Amazonite (blue green) is a calming, balancing crystal. It opens its owner to perspective and seeing truth. If you've been experiencing emotional blockage, Amazonite will cleanse the toxicity. It provides EMF protection and also relieves fear, anxiety, and worry.

Angelite (light blue) provides peace and serenity, while connecting you to the spiritual realm.

Azurite (blue green) helps psychic awareness and intuition, while also providing mental clarity.

Blue Aventurine (blue) is said to help those with addictions, aids in compassion and empathy, enhances communication, and promotes perseverance.

Carnelian (red) enhances creativity, calms anger, inspires motivation, and stimulates sexuality.

Charoite (purple) is a crystal that can help you increase spiritual awareness and divine guidance. It's wonderful for periods of transformation where you may need assistance in overcoming fear. It'll help you release negative energies that may be holding you back.

Fluorite (light green) heals emotional wounds, encourages growth, provides focus and protection, and harmonizes all chakras.

Hematite (silver) stabilizes, grounds, and balances, helps clear confusion, and protects its owner.

Howlite (white/gray) is a calming crystal and is best for insomnia. It inspires, relieves stress and anxiety, teaches patience, and aids meditation.

Jade (white) helps improve focus and is said to bring prosperity.

Kyanite (blue) aligns and clears the chakras and is excellent for meditation, finding direction in your life, relieving stress or anger, improving communication, and overcoming difficult personal challenges.

Labradorite (available in light & dark gray) offers protection from negative energies, enhances psychic abilities, promotes confidence, and strengthens the aura. It's also said to calm an overactive mind. Each bead has varying levels of flash and color.

Lapis Lazuli (blue) offers emotional strength and helps with trauma and grief. It helps find inner peace and blocks negative energy.

Lepidolite (purple) is one of the best crystals for stress, fear, and grief. It helps with stages of transition and helps you release emotional trauma. It contains lithium which naturally establishes emotional balance and can clear anxiety and depression. Lepidolite is a wonderful calming crystal and may help with better sleep. Because of its soothing nature, Lepidolite is also recommended for new mothers.

Malachite (dark green) protects against negative energy, and clears and activates chakras while attuning to spiritual guidance. This stone is one of adventure and transformation, making life lived more intensely when under it's influence.

Moonstone (white) offers emotional support, protection, and hope. It encourages creativity and personal growth and enhances feminine energies. Each bead has varying levels of flash and color.

Onyx (black) is a stone of strength and works best in difficult times. It supports self-control, balances emotions, and provides grounding. 

Opalite (white blue) is a man-made opalescent glass.

Pietersite (brown) is a high energy crystal that provides motivation and is known as the "Tempest Stone". It cleanses the aura and provides calm. It's known to provide focus and guidance in finding your life's purpose and enhances psychic abilities. Pietersite is also wonderful in meditation.

Red Jasper (red) provides grounding, stabilizing energy that in turn gives vitality and stamina.

Rhodonite (pink) offers emotional balance, love, forgiveness, and compassion. It can help in relationships, releasing fear, and practicing self-love.

Rose Quartz allows you to receive all kinds of love and boosts your self-esteem and confidence. With its gentle nature, it provides calming and emotional healing. Rose Quartz is excellent when practiced along with positive affirmations as it promotes self love.

Sandstone (Gold) is meant to increase confidence, boost positivity, and build energy.

Sodalite (blue) offers harmony between body and mind. It drives you towards truth and is helpful in finding your own life path. It enhances mindfulness, insight, awareness, and creativity.

Quartz (clear) is cleansing and helps amplify the energy of the crystals it touches. It protects from negative influences and is known as the master healer as it can help any ailments. Clear Quartz helps balance the seven chakras and is wonderful in meditation as it provides the mind clarity, focus, and insight.


All bracelets are sized to fit a 6.5" size wrist. A half inch is added so the bracelet can be comfortably worn. Beads are approximately 8mm in width.


While crystals are not a substitute for any medical treatment and are not a cure for any health condition, I have found that there is power in crystal meditation and setting intention with your crystals. Envision goal realization with your crystals and allow your crystals to attract positive energy.