Small Crystal Heart

Small Crystal Heart

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Rose Quartz allows you to receive all kinds of love and boosts your self-esteem and confidence. With its gentle nature, it provides calming and emotional healing. Rose Quartz is excellent when practiced along with positive affirmations as it promotes self love.

Labradorite offers protection from negative energies, enhances psychic abilities, promotes confidence, and strengthens the aura. It's also said to calm an overactive mind.

Mookaite increases self-confidence and focus. It soothes the mind, promotes adventure, and is said to help keep you young at heart.

Lepidolite is one of the best crystals for stress, fear, and grief. It helps with stages of transition and helps you release emotional trauma. It contains lithium which naturally establishes emotional balance and can clear anxiety and depression. Lepidolite is a wonderful calming crystal and may help with better sleep. Because of its soothing nature, Lepidolite is also recommended for new mothers.

Golden Sandstone is meant to increase confidence, boost positivity, and build energy.

Howlite is a calming crystal and is best for insomnia. It inspires, relieves stress and anxiety, teaches patience, and aids meditation.

Moss Agate provides grounding, peace, and stability, while releasing fear and stress. It is known as the gardener's stone and is said to connect you with nature.

Bloodstone removes negative energy from it's environment, instills courage and strength, and provides grounding.

Unakite is useful in learning patience and building resilience. Unakite is a gentle stone that works gradually to balance emotions and release anger. It's excellent in meditation as it keeps you in the present and also aids a healthy pregnancy by promoting a stronger bonding experience between mother and child.

Fire Quartz, or Hematoid Quartz, is known for its ability to energize, enhance focus, and inspire creativity. It's also said to attract prosperity.


Approx. 1"


While crystals are not a substitute for any medical treatment and are not a cure for any health condition, I have found that there is power in crystal meditation and setting intention with your crystals. Envision goal realization with your crystals and allow your crystals to attract positive energy.